Reduce T.D.S.by Rain Water harvesting

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18 May, 19 05:28
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Reduce T.D.S.by Rain Water harvesting

With the fall in the level of the underground water the quality of the this water is also reducing leading increase  the T.D.S. of the this water .This is very harmful for us and especially for our children .If we pass the roof top rain water into the underground water through our well,Tube well or any other water source we are definitely improve the quality and quantity of the water .TDS will also reduce .This was told by Dr.P.C.Jain in his talk in the senior citizen club “MUSKAN” .Club.He showed a model of the roof top rain water harvesting and explained how it works .

Little Cost

We all have our houses & buildings costing from  50 lacks to 1-2 carores but the with  little cost of 5-8 thousand of this system we can recharge our water sources easily.

‘Water insurance “

We should leave this world with the installation of this kind of system  for our children so that they get a “water insurance “for their whole life .Similarly we should also implant plants so that our children get fresh air  for their living.

T.D.S.Check Up

He also checked  the T.D.S. of the water samples brought by the members .He said that the more the sweet water with low TDS is more dangerous  for health. Ideal T.D.S  vary from 200 to 300 .W.H.O. has issued warning as this results in low vitamin D3 and other nutrients which results in many nutritional deficiency diseases .Roof top rain water harvesting is the only simplest & cheapest way to reduce the TDS.

Right Time

In this May-June ,if we install this system we can save this coming rain and recharge our existing water sources which recharge about 1 squire kilometer area .As 1 cm rain fall on 1000 sq feet roof area will yield 1000 litres of water into these water sources .


We all should take oath today that we will recharge our water sources so that our children shoud get pure water.

Thank was given by Mr Shyam Sunder Rajora the secretary of the MUSKAN club  to Dr P.C.Jain .Program was conducted by Mr K.K.Tripathi ,Joint secretary Dr Naresh Chandra Sharma ,Mr Surajmal Porwal was also present on the dais .House program was also organisd  in housi game time .

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