Antral --- Into the process of Informal Learning

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19 Apr, 19 10:32
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 - vilas janve

Antral --- Into the process of Informal Learning

Jaipur Conceptualized by noted educationalist and philosopher Ramesh Thanvi, it was a joint venture of Rajasthan PraudhShikshanSamiiti, Nana NaniNyas, and RamtaDrig and further designed by AmitKalla ,HimanshuVyas and Manish Sharma that took place at Rajasthan PraudhShikshanSamiti, Jhalana, Jaipur on 6 and 7 April, 2019. Twenty-seven children from 6 to 15 years of age participated with full enthusiasm. The objective of such residential Workshop was to create and enhance understanding with the nature and surroundings as well as creativity.

   Introduction of children was no less than a riddle game, where every child was given an opportunity to guess the meaning of the names of each other through interesting clues. Stalwarts from Literature, Visual and Performing Arts, Museum, Design, Astrology and Mathematicians shared their experience in very friendly and informal manner in a congenial environment such as  story telling by Rajendra Bora, design session by Indrajit Bose, TabeenahAnjum showed photographs depicting beauty and crafts of Kashmir while AnchitNahta and Bhuwan Gaur showed documentary on the space showcasing Hugh bunch of Stars on screen and also assisted children in Star gazing through their highly professional cameras. 

Also artist like Abdu LatifUsta shared making stories on cultural aspects and Hanuman Sahay Sharma and Chandan Sharma had interesting sessions of Mathematics with fun. In casual moments AmitKalla, HimanshuVyas and Manish Sharma had very interactive sessions at indoor and outdoor spaces under trees. Noted artist Himmat Shah shared his experience as a guest and admired each child.    

I had an opportunity to share some theatrical games, Mime Movements and Puppets with children to make atmosphere of children’s likings. Children were inquisitive and active participants in all the sessions

and all  the faculty members had unconditional love for kids.

For children it was a first experience of living together, making with new friends and having full freedom to explore their surroundings. They climbed on trees, knew about variety of leaves and even fragrances. Enjoyed bathing with Tube water and watering trees while learning hygiene and health during their short tenure.  

Though I had such experiences earlier, but every time it is an opportunity to learn new things from children and want to be a child again to enjoy life and know hidden happiness of childhood. Such residential camps with creative activities are needed to make new generation smarter, sensitive and nature loving. 

 It was a fun for Children who attended this residential workshop and also for the faculties and associates who shared their experience and knowledge with inquisitive kids. 

Far from the formal education it was a joyous Mela whose curriculum was designed for enjoying each moment. Big Thanks to the organizers of this unique venture.


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