Digital & drug Addiction are Similar?

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27 Feb, 19 09:42
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Digital & drug Addiction are Similar?

 Udaipur: According to one research which was conducted among the children of America & China the finding of the brain M.R.I. of those addicted to Digital appliances (Mobile, Lab .Top) are similar to those using the Drug( Cocaine) this was told by Dr.P.C.Jain who is conducting a campaign for De-Addiction, Rain water harvesting from the last two decades. This he told while giving his presentation among the N.S.S.students of Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur.T hereby he advised the judicious use of these Digital devices.

Narrating the effect of all kinds of Drugs & Alcohol among  Boys  & Girls by a comparative study on the scientific basis, he told that these substances have more deleterious effects on the female body compared to the male body because of many physical & hormonal differences.H e said that  infants born by such mothers  may suffer from many physical & mental problems which no mother would like.

He told that the mothers in U.S.A .formed an organization named  M.A.D.A. ( Mothers against drinking Driving ) which he came to know during his stay in the U.S.A.These mother from all of the country meets and advise their children not to use drugs & alcohol otherwise if the accident & death occurs the suffering of the mother is the most.

What happens after the untimely death of a member especially of a father due addiction was shown in short play “ Shraddanjali “ played by the students themselves.

Short song was also sung by them on addiction with dance “Nasha- Geet“ which gives the message not to use any kind of addictive substance.Dr. Subhash Meena in charge of the N.S.S. gave the vote of thanks to Dr. P.C.Jain.  


























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