The Matter of Pious love!

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30 Oct, 18 08:58
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Prashant Shrivastava

The Matter of Pious love! The long awaited fast of the year is right here upon us. And the ladies of the house are apprehensive as well as excited.
But this is nothing new. They have been doing the same fast with the same diligence since last so many years. While the veterans are excited and know how to deal with thirst, particular, the newlywed girls who are observing their maiden KarwaChauth are looking to be more careful for the day. “I have celebrated more than 25 such fasts so I am not worried but I know my daughter in law would be very caution and apprehensive. I am looking to guide and support her,” says Lata Sharma.
Though the modern girls of this age are always confident of what they do and can do, still when it comes to following the ritual of this grandeur, they like to be supported. “We live away from home but I have set up a live video sharing with my mother in law for the Saturday evening. She will guide me and I will follow, simple,” says Nivi Raj Varma.
As this is a pre-Diwali season, the market is already decked up with offers and discounts. And this is the best time to pick up some great gifts for your spouse. Ladies are busy for a scintillating look; men are searching for best presents for their wives. And in some cases, even wives would be looking for presents for their husbands—not to return a gift but to thank him for the fast.
After all, the young generation of men too fasts for their loving wives, don’t they?
“I love fasting with my wife. We believe that our prayers will ensure that we live together forever. If my longevity is requested by her, I must look for her long life too,” says Avinash Shah, freelance software professional.
The entire matter revolves around true love. With all the values and tenets, the couples are ready to face the moon with an ocean of love in their hearts.
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