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23 Oct, 18 09:40
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Hritu Sodhi

First of all I apologize all my readers for not being in contact for so long. I was keeping ill from one year. Writing on any issue needs concentration, I was in so much pain that I could not write a single word.
Last night I was surfing internet and came through a post written by film producer Vinta Nanda. I know she is a very good writer. I was surprised that she stopped writing and producing serials. Tara was a revolution in Tv industry. I, being an 1990 college going girl, was highly impressed by the concept. I give full credit to Vinta Nanda for changing the mindset of Indian audience in 90s. Here I am not talking about her pain and depression. I don't have any right to comment on this incident.
But I feel sorry for those who never believed a female. Whenever any celebrity or common girl complains about sexual harassment, we try to mentally rape her again by questioning her in different ways. I know in some cases women have also put false charges against men but ratio is still very less.Women are being troubled, harassed, molested, violated, ill treated by men in homes and work places. Men may boast off in front of others that they have slept with 300 plus girls.
Is this a proud moment in any way?
Have they done anything to make us proud?
Why it is being discussed by men everywhere with so much pride?
Have you seen any girl doing this normally?
It's a matter of shame for anyone who has no control on his or her senses. Raping a woman can never define your personality. A man removes his clothes first to do this.
Why his nudity is never discussed?
Why women feel guilty after the incident? As a woman I don't feel that I am someone's property which he can easily snatch away.
A man loses his dignity if he does this. We must start teaching our sons to wear proper clothes even in their young age so that when they remove their clothes , they feel the same as girls feel in front of others.
We don't educate boys in childhood to hide their private parts and that's why they don't bother or feel shame. If a boy has a right to live this way and we are still not understanding, what type of world we are going to see in future?
We have to accept this fact that any male can do this in his weak moments. We have developed them like this, now why are we discussing this on social platform.
I have seen many people who don't believe females when they come forward to register any complain.
Unfortunately women have to prove mental or sexual harassment.
How is it possible to prove these incidents? Women are not safe anywhere. Males touch them in buses or trains. They have full right to comment on their bodies. There are laws to protect women but we have to remember each and every word or incident without which you can't prove the other person guilty.
Rapes are being done in isolated places, harassment is being done anywhere but how can you find any witness?
Who does this publically and leaves proof against him?
There are thousand loopholes and women don't feel safe by complaining against this crime. They are targeted by others. Noone comes forward to stand by them.
I feel sorry for all of us who have taken birth as a female and ever being tortured by any male in anyway.
We are not allowed to speak and when we try to speak, we are left alone. When we try to handle this with patience our own friends call us coward, when we come forward, we are asked to arrange proofs.
Its a fight which we have to lose anyway.
Being a writer I can express my agony and pain through writing this article. I salute those women who don't speak due to pressure of family and society.
It hardly matters. At least they have the courage to live with pain forever. I can only request females to come forward and join #Metoo campaign.
Expose or live like this. Choice is yours.
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