You carry the power within yourself, there is no thing called magic

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05 Apr, 17 12:31
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Himani Khanna

As J.K. Rolling says, "We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already."

I stopped working after I delivered a baby. I found that decision more appropriate at that moment. I would earn 50 thousand a month and never compromised for little things. The day I put my papers it did not struck me. But at the month end when I realized that I might never receive the salary credit message on phone again-it shook me. I indulged myself into the world of motherhood. I know no mother is perfect but I tried to be one. I changed my lifestyle and soon the universe was revolving around my baby. My friends would often ask me when you will join the job again to which I would say I might not. Today, women even mothers think that a girl should stand on her feet. No matter how much her husband earns, but a woman should never rely on her husband for the small needs. They were right; soon I realized that I am getting dependent on Mayank for small things. Gradually I became homesick and would find excuses to not to leave the house. Even when Mayank offered me help on weekends to look after Meet (my son), I return home soon. I knew this change has overpowered me. I wanted to get rid of it. To be honest, I did not want anyone else to look after my kid even her grandmother. Somewhere between need of job and motherhood I decided to resume my blog which I had created a couple of years ago. I checked it and the condition was worse. 2 uninformative blogs, zero followers, one or two likes made me close the laptop.

It did not look promising. I never saw it again. A few months ago I received this message from my ex-colleague who is an SEO expert. In between talks she asked about my blogging. I told the truth. She offered me the guidance. From appearance to content, images to optimization she guided me. She motivated me to keep writing and posting it on several social media without worrying how many likes or followers I get. With constant writing, sharing and dedication I managed to get 600 followers on blog, I even got a chance to write for many blogs as a guest contributor and earned money from it.

You must be thinking why I am writing about this today. So let me tell you. When I was in depression for more than a year, I would sleep under the quilt for hours, I refused to go out and enjoy the air, I would get irritated on small things and cursed life. I missed my independence terribly. I remember the day when I shared my feelings to one of my close relatives that how badly I miss my job, she said, "11vi pass hoti toh kya karti?"

It brought tears into my eyes.

Though I never got a helping hand but I managed to stand up and started working from home. Knowing the fact that I will be writing for free I kept writing. I sent emails to many companies who want content writer. Initially it was hard to convince them but offered them work from home services in economical rates. After zillions of emailing rounds I got several job offers as a freelance writer. I did all this by looking after my kid and till date I never sent him to the crèche. And yes! I pay taxes. A housewife, a mother, 24*7 help and a writer, I proved the lines of J.K. rolling I carry the power within myself.
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