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27 Mar, 17 13:17
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Himani Khanna

Mira was hunting a house with her husband Shreyas. She was maintaining a list of all the requirements and suitable apartments. Every weekend she would go out with her husband hoping to finalize the deal on the spot. However, they never find one. Reason was Shreyas. He still was not sure if it was the right time to buy one. Even if his heart said yes for some of them, he never expressed.
Mira inquired about this and did not get the satisfying answer. Gradually they stopped talking about it and led the usual life. A few months later Shreyas's parents arrived. Over a dinner the topic of house arose. Shreyas and his father decided to go for a house hunting the very next day. Looking Shreyas suddenly taking interest in buying a house surprised Mira.
She asked Shreyas and learns what he thinks, "It is between men, what a woman has to do between all this?" Mira was shocked. It was devastating to hear such a heart attackor line from him. To who she loved, for whom she sacrificed those little things often and big thing once or twice; that person just underestimated her value.
She did not say anything.
"Since two days I am trying to find an answer to this. "What a woman has to do in men talk." As mentioned in the SATC movie, every couple has a luxury to design their life. We are free to color own life on our terms. In India, a girl suddenly becomes older to get married, but not older enough to take her own decisions."-Mira wrote her journal that night.
Mira could not stop herself from saying this. "I did not like you refused my choices when I showed it to you. And now suddenly you have made the deal-without my consent."
"It is not like that. I was not confident enough. But when father came, I was motivated."
"A man who is dependent on his parents and cannot dare to take the upcoming challenges is not worth taking the responsibility of his wife and her life."
This last line shook Shreyas from the core. His parents were speechless. Before they could say anything Mira told them how she had been trying hard to search a house with Shreyas and he did not take the interest.
"It is me who will be living in that house. I will be the hostess. I know better what I am looking in an ideal kitchen or living room or a bedroom. I will be sending future kids to the school so I must know how the locality is."-she put her point.
"And above all that, I want to take my own decisions. I want to experience life by committing my own mistakes. Since my graduation day I am an independent person. And I love to be like that. Thinking or doing so does not make me unpromising. I will prove I am a good daughter in law when the right time comes. You can count on me. But as on to the matter of my life, I want to take my decisions with Shreyas. That is what marriage is all about."-she finished.
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