This Sitala Saptami Perform Customs With A Noble Mind

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21 Mar, 17 13:00
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Himani Khanna

Today I read this quote mentioned on the TCS's pantry's white board saying that, "Take all you can eat, but eat all you take. Yesterday's wastage was 45 KGs which can feed 180 people.
" It is an irony to the educated people like us who do not understand just a simple thing. Take as much as you can eat, it is not a rocket science. In one office the total food wastage was 45 KG. Imagine how much in altogether around the world must be each day.
On the occasion of Sitala Saptami, I would like to drag your attention towards the custom we perform in the temple of Sitala Mata, form of Katyayani and avatar of Goddess Durga. Since my childhood I have seen women offering food to the deity. This ritual is performed under the Sacred Fig (peepal) tree where the one day old stale food is offered to the deity.
When the custom is over, women leave the food under the tree and come home. Instead of doing so, buy air tight plastic bags and put food in it and then offer to the god, so that it may possibly be used by the needy. Or make sure stray animals finish them.
Do not throw stones while they are eating it.
Plus, very next day of the festival, the leftover food is thrown away.
I am not saying every household does the same. But if you are also one of those who just throw away the food, please stop doing so. Apply the same rule, take as much as you can eat and donate remaining to the needy. Send it to the ashrams or institutes where poor families and kids could be fed. Your little effort will fill the empty stomachs.
Throwing away food also reminds me an incident. Once upon a time, one of my Aunts was travelling from the bus. After finishing her food, she threw leftover out of the window.
A girl sitting next to her went to the bus driver and asked to stop the bus. She came to my aunt and asked her to pick up the garbage she threw. It was so embarrassing to be insulted by a teenage girl in front of passengers.
Today's generation is more sensible and responsible towards the nation.
Consider this small request. It is really not a rocket science.
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