Is the Festival Of Holi Gender Biased?

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14 Mar, 17 11:39
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Himani Khanna

"Mom I am going out to play holi with my friends. I might come late."-Lakshya started his bike and left. The sound of bullet alarmed entire colony.
Megha, Lakshya's sister came to the porch to see her brother leaving, her mother called her in and asked to stay behind the window.
"Mom, why cannot I go out and play with my friends."-Megha asked with sad face.
"It is not safe for girls."-her mother told while cleaning the dining table.
Lakshya took sweet boxes with him and a packet of color to enjoy the day with his friends. On the other hand Megha stayed home and helped her mother clean the house which brother and his friends left messy.
"But I could go with brother? I was safe with him. Or he does not want to take a responsibility and ruin his day looking after me?"
Mother did not say anything. Perhaps she had nothing to say. She went into the kitchen with dirty dishes.
Megha had to stay at home and help her mother with the daily chores.
According to a famous traveler on instagram-"Holi is an excuse for molesting women in Vrindavan. I am appalled to hear what trauma women go through on the name of culture and tradition. Young men in Nandgaon, UP, follow old-age tradition where Krishna would tease Radha and her friends on Holi and many stories and songs were written about them, but I am sure Krishna never grabbed, groped and outraged the modesty of Radha and her friends."
I also want to ask brothers/husbands/male friends, are not you confident enough to take your sisters and female friends out with you to play holi and ensure they are safe and happy. You do not actually have to take us out with you. We can have our own little party, but at least deal noble with us.
Since childhood I have seen holi from my window. Even if there is an event of holi in the society where both the genders are welcome, a crap incident will ruin the party.
I called my male colleague for some official work and asked in the end, what is your holi plan? on which he said, "We are going to Jagdish Chowk to play holi. Female foreigners enjoy playing holi with us. We are allowed to hug them and they do not bother."-and then he giggled over phone.
On Holi, in Udaipur, not a single woman is seen outside her house. There is the noise of bullets and clamor of boys screaming loud while scaling all the streets. So, the festival of holi is for whom? I do not know about your answer, but my answer is 'boys'.
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