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27 Jan, 17 13:37
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Himani Khanna

She is my neighbor, she is my relative, she lives in my house, she is younger than me, and she also a senior to me. SHE is everywhere, may be your relative too, or neighbor. According to her, daily house chores and thousands of other responsibilities has left her with nothing at all but working 24*7 as a servant. She blames society, she blames god, she blames in laws, she blames husband for ruining her career. She is also a degree holder and had plans to work in some reputed firm even after marriage. Everything was ok until she became mother. Her life suddenly started rotating in other direction, 'kid'. She gradually became aggressive, would shout on silly mistakes made by others. She stopped comporting herself. For who I should get ready, she thought. The moment she bid adieu to her career, she stopped many other things, like makeup, laughing, eating out, and etc. Gradually, she became homesick. Society, laws house, and husband were found guilty. She blamed all these for her failure in life.
Now meet these women/bloggers;
" The Glamorous housewife
" The Pioneer woman
" The Mormon housewife
" Vanilla housewife
" Not just a housewife
Mommy week, mama knows it all, we got kidz are a few more to name in the list.
They are a housewife too, and they chose to utilize time by writing their lives and not blaming universe. They found solace in kitchen, not duty. They gave themselves a new hairstyle and posted it. Created a recipe and shared on different blogs. Thousands of women and men around the globe follow these leading bloggers.
Right after the education is finished, a man tries hard to find and fit in a suitable job to ensure his label "Man" is maintained in the society. He wanted to be a traveler, but chose to work 9 hours in bank just to make sure his family and kids get everything they want. He could have chose to stay alone and roam the world, but he chose to build a family and took the charge to fulfill their wishes.
As a housewife you also get same amount of time, 9 hours. It is your choice to curse it or live it.
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