Celebrating the Change

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01 Jan, 18 10:58
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The year 2017 has a few days left and now we will gallop into 2018. A fresh year and a fresh perspective on life. And if you see around you, nothing has changed. The same job, same routine, same expenses, and same life. Can we do something with the year changing? Yes of course.
And you know what all is being talked about. People make resolutions for the year and they generally fail, why? Simply because a sense of procrastination comes attached with a plan that is to be executed in next 52 weeks. You have time and you can do it as per your convenience. And an ideal situation to do something never arrives. Resolutions fail and we easily find out ways to explain ourselves--didn't get time or got stuck into other things and so on.
Well, if you think a bit, you will find that getting these things done actually is easier than making excuses. You will have a counter argument here for sure. How come writing a page daily is easier than making an excuse, for example. With that lame excuse, you suffer day and night. Your passion for the thing that you wanted to do and took a resolution for suffers every moment inside you. The excuse you make keeps on shutting up that little inner voice inside you. Your will to procrastinate keeps on winning and you keep losing on peace of mind.
As time goes by, the will to pursue the passion becomes habitual of being neglected and you accept that the thing is not possible. The writer inside your dies slow death without getting an opportunity to tell stories.
Now, when you realize that you have contributed so much to the job that paid you, you see that you did exactly what was required by yourself for you that you did for someone else. You sold products made by your company to others and you did well. If you could sell those products from someone to someone, could you have not sold your writing for yourself?
This new year, do not take any resolution. Not because you cannot complete it, but instead bring a change in your life that inches you closer to that ultimate goal. You can keep a notepad open whenever you work at home for office or do anything on your personal computer. Just jot down points of the story and then capitalize each point gradually as you get time.No need to put an everyday schedule but just do it whenever you use your personal computer. You can use any cloud-based word editor to keep the content stored and synced.
At one point in time, it will start attracting you as you will find more moves and turns for your story.
This year, bring the change and be the change. You need to listen to yourself and capitalize on the talent that was given to you for this life. Don’t just be a laborer to earn a monthly salary, be creative and what makes you complete and worth this life.
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