Bleed without violence

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29 May, 17 13:09
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I opened my face book and came across a beautiful video which attracted me at once.
Bleed without Violence.
A young girl was explaining the whole world about periods without fear. Women Bleed without violence in 5 days and we should be proud of our own bodies.I belong to that era when periods were considered to be unwanted. We were allowed to whisper in the ears of elderly women who could further guide us to hide our femininity from others.
I was taught not to talk about it openly specially among males. When I got married, I came to know about the importance of periods to lead a healthy life. First time I felt proud of my healthy body which can produce good quality eggs. There is nothing to feel ashamed of which is normal and healthy.
I have seen many women treating their daughters badly at the time of menstruation which is a natural process. Daughters are told to sit in a corner and their own bed, clothes and other belongings become untouchable. I know our society is not so modern and helpful in terms of girls and her genuine problems. Mothers and elderly ladies are following rituals since ages without knowing the facts. It looks odd when you see educated families doing the same in the name of religion and culture. I don't follow any ritual without checking on my own. Menstruation is nothing but a healthy way from which your own body responds to you each month silently. Your own mentality makes it tough and a taboo. It's ridiculous to treat your own daughters in such a way which can seriously affect their mental growth.It's not good that what you have been facing should be followed by future generations. Small town women have changed their dressing style. Everyone is wearing western or at least Salwar Kurtis. When you don't wear same old clothes which you used to wear in villages then what is the harm to adopt new ways which is good for your daughter's mental health.
She should not be treated like a criminal for 5 days. What is her fault?
Menstrual Hygiene is the most important thing which girls have to learn. Now all kinds of sanitary napkins and tampons are available. Girls are doing jobs in every field. It's not possible to lock them inside for 5 days. Small town mentality must be changed for a girl's better future. We must educate mothers and elderly ladies first before taking any step towards menstrual Hygiene. Let your daughters talk about her pain and problems in open environment. She can be treated only when she is allowed to speak. Personal Hygiene is taught by mothers and elderly sisters in families. It's really necessary to understand your body without feeling guilty.
After 44 years I have decided to open up and write on this subject. Hopefully others will come forward and support me in this mission.Girls and women, don't hesitate to talk , break the chains of guilt and shame. Happy and healthy periods.
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