Why Girls can't say no to Dowry?

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24 May, 17 10:48
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It's a debatable issue.
We are habitual of watching big fat Indian weddings. Foreigners are coming to India to fulfil their dream of wedding in Indian style.
Every Indian girl takes birth to get married to her prince one day in royal style. Wedding planners are making their dreams come true by planning destination and theme based weddings these days.
But my point of view is different.
A girl must get married to her dream prince. But it is certainly not necessary to give dowry to fulfil your dreams.
We are copying western world in each and every way. Girls and boys take responsibility of their marriages in USA and Europe.
Parents spend same amount on girl's education in modern era. It looks odd to charge money from girl's parents only.
Why can't girl n boy's parents divide money in equal shares?
It happened a few decades ago when girls were forced to get married to boys not of their choices.
What is bothering us to change this system in modern era?
Girls are working in corporate world with dignity on much higher positions. Their future are bright and colourful. Girl ratio is less than boy's ratio.
Why do girls force their parents to spend lacs and crores on one day ?
Why do we need a person to show right path all the time?
Education can bring major changes in our thought process. Don't use your degrees and diplomas to get good boys for marriage. Use your own wisdom to stop this mental harassment of your parents. If a girl is not aware of her rights , how well she can teach her future generations?
I have seen small town girls copying kareena, Aishwarya and other B town actresses. I request my young female readers to copy their work style and nature. They have really worked hard to earn money. Have you ever heard of any bollywood celebrity getting married to a businessman after giving dowry?
Take initiative and stop this culture immediately. Promote humanity and dignity. Don't let your parents feel inferior in front of boy's parents. After all its your life and you must live it with dignity and respect.
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