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16 May, 17 11:00
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Mother is the best creation of God. Just imagine one day without your mother. There will be chaos and mess everywhere. I don't remember when I started celebrating this day for my mother.
Years passed and now my kids celebrate this day for me. Roles have changed from daughter to a mother and responsibilities have just doubled. It's not easy to fulfil all the duties on the same time. Only a mother can do this without stress and failure.
I tolerated the worst pain while giving birth to my children. I overlooked my requirements to feed my children. A mother's gentle touch can cure any type of Illness. Being a mother I have to show patience in the most critical moments.
In the journey of life I have realised the importance of a motherly touch in grief & agony.
Mother's lap was the safest place in my childhood. I still remember how much love& lessons my mother gave to make me stronger. Her bitter words helped me to grow into a perfect human being.
Now I realise her advise was the best and practical one in any particular situation. I am trying to follow her footsteps but I still believe that she is far better than me in solving any problem. My kids look at me in difficult situations because they have seen a strong character who never gave up. My husband died in a road accident and since that day I have been playing two roles with a smile on my face even in the worst pain.
Working women face many other challenges. In spite of all their efforts , they get criticism for being a female. Office colleagues call them lazy & lethargic when they reach office late and leave early. What I have analysed is that a woman can be a best officer or work in different fields but her major role is to become a perfect mother. She may fail in any other field but she can't forget her home and kids. No matter how harsh words she tolerates but she never ignores her child. She can leave her job but not her children. Even I had gave up my career to build my children's future.
On this special day I request all males to start respecting your female colleagues. You can't even imagine the pressure of a female which she bears while playing different roles. A male can retire at the age of 60 but a mother can never retire.
She sacrifices Sundays and holidays for her family. If you can't help her at least don't make her path difficult by putting blames on her character.
A mother can adopt a profession of prostitution to feed her children because they are everything to her. She can sell her flesh but can't see tears in her children's eyes.
Whenever you see a mother , give her respect and salute her for every effort.Don't just celebrate this day like a ritual. Make your mother smile by spending precious moments with her. Your time is the best gift to her in old age.
Happy mother's day to all the readers.
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