Rediscovered My Own Self

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26 Apr, 17 13:26
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I met a beautiful soul this morning. Looking at the mirror I had found an image standing with confidence and poise.
I could not recognise her at once.
Oh, it was me!
Taking part in an endless race, we humans, forget about ourselves.
Our mornings start from home and end at home. In between we get busy dealing with the world. Our purity and peace can not be found in this crowded world. We neglect ourselves the most, in the journey of life.
When I first saw my image in the mirror, I found the most tired and confused person. It was definitely not me.
I had positivity and trust, which were my greatest strengths. I tried to polish the tarnished mirror with all my efforts.
The broken pieces were pinching my heart.
I had read somewhere that the best friend and companion is our own soul because it is immortal and pure. Time and stress steal our mental peace, leaving us with scars which can't be removed easily.
But once you decide to remove the dust from your heart, you will be able to explore your inner self.
I did the same and found the best buddy today. My soul always guide me to do the best and shows the right path but I always lose direction in the hullabaloo caused by impulsiveness.
But now I have determined to meet my best buddy frequently. This unexpected meeting made me curious to know more about myself. My smile is back on my lips to see the brightest face on earth.
Actually it's not so difficult to talk and spend time with your own soul. Just sit quietly in peaceful environment to hear your soul's voice. Your body has only seen the small world around you but your soul is immeasurable, much older and expandable beyond imagination.
You can travel the whole universe with your best friend and learn the best possible solutions to your problems. Don't search the solutions outside you. You have it with in and you are born with excellence. It's pointless to trust others to sort out your problems. Look inside and stop running behind astrologers and other people who can only give temporary solutions. Trust your own will and let it soar high.
I hope you will get all the answers of your problems and never feel alone in this world.
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