Born with a Difference

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10 Apr, 17 13:26
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Every person takes birth with some or the other quality. I have seen many people who are dissatisfied with their looks, education or life.
Malvika has dark complexion. She always feel shy to meet people. In our society people mostly like girls with fair complexion. Malvika avoid going to parties with her parents. She sings very well. People judge Malvika by her looks which makes her sad and shy. They should have seen her inner qualities. Malvika should also focus on her singing abilities rather than begrudging on her dusky looks.
We don't see our qualities most of the time. Our main focus should be to live life happily with families but we generally compare our lives with other people. Overthinking and complaining nature makes our lives hell.
Every individual is unique in its own way. Sachin Tendulkar's height is short but he is a terrific player. Amitabh Bachchan was rejected many times because of his height and voice. Now he is the most famous superstar of the millennium. If both of them had complexes about physique , they would not have become successful.
No one is perfect in this world. We must learn to live with our abilities and disabilities. After all real beauty lies in pure heart and good behaviour.
Some people live ordinary life till the end and always curse their fate for not getting enough money or fame. It would be good if they concentrate on good and hard work to make their lives comfortable. It's good to fanticise about rich and famous people but it's not good to begrudge daily for not being successful like them.
Life is for learning and educating yourself daily. We expand when we learn something new. We evolve when we start accepting the facts related to us.
Next time when you see any person complaining about life , please tell him to enjoy life. Actually those who are born with a difference can take our world to new heights because they can think different from common people. Choose your path and make your own different way. World need people with different outlook so that we can progress.
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