Drive Safely to Live Happily

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01 May, 17 14:03
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Rahul took his father's car and went for a drive with his girl friend early in the morning. His parents were not aware of his programme. Rahul has just completed 20 years and started driving. It has become a passion for him now.
Late night parties, movies, fun with friends are his favourite time pass. Rahul's girl friend Shona belongs to a reputed family of doctors. Both of them left house around 5.30 in the morning.
Rahul's father's mobile rang. It was the worst thing for a father to hear about his son. Rahul was no more.
He lost control over his car and his body was found dead in a pool of blood inside his car. His girl friend is critical, not in her senses to describe the facts.
Does this story remind you of anything?
I think it is every single family's story who has recently lost a young child in road accident.
Road accident's are increasing day by day. I can't give any particular reason for this abnormal increase. Sometimes bad luck follows that person or may be victim's own mistake leads to the tragic end. In any case, parents loose their children unexpectedly. Young children don't listen to the safety measures given by their parents. They drink and drive which increases the risk of road accident.
My friend's friend Manoj was going to attend some function in his home town. His speed was 120 km per hour. It was raining heavily that morning. Manoj's car was found almost crushed and his body was clenched between power steering and driving seat. Manoj's mother could not bear this and passed away.
Can anyone teach us to drive safely on roads?
Mostly people drive in hurry as if they have to save mankind. I don't understand the reason of this hurry. I have noticed that youth donot follow safety rules. No matter how much we try to make them learn , they find it most exciting to break the rules.
Its not fun actually. Dead bodies can't talk or see the pain of their parents and loved ones. Its impossible to return to your bodies and start reviving again.
I request my young readers to at least visit one victim's home after his death.
It will help you to understand the pain of your parents which they are under going. Fast and rash driving is more dangerous when you take lives of others in fervor.
Drinking while driving is banned in India. But young people drive even after consuming full bottle without realising the risk.
I think we should take some step to stop this forever. We all know that prevention is better than cure. Young children should be taught in a different way.
They should be encouraged to visit emergency wards of hospitals frequently with family members. They can look after the victims of road accidents. This may change their way of thinking.
At young age children do just the opposite of what they have been taught by their parents. Practical knowledge can make them realise the severity of accidents.
Parents must keep an eye on their children's activities. They must not encourage them to drive fast. It's not always the child's fault. It's truly said that accidents are the worst thing to be happen in a family.
From today we should take an oath to save life of our children by guiding them in a different way. We have to choose the right path for our children. Drive safely to live happily should be the new motto of us.
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