By the way : RIP Nirbhaya

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09 May, 17 13:56
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Who can forget this dreadful act in which one young girl was brutally raped by 6 men and thrown out of the running bus on 16 December 2012.
Yes I am talking about Nirbhaya aka Damini.
Supreme court finally gave justice to the family of Nirbhaya.
One rapist committed suicide and another one was released after 3 years of punishment. Four rapists are given death sentence.Now finally Nirbhaya can rest in peace.
Souls of many daughters can hope for justice in their cases too.
Gender discrimination is the main cause of increasing crime rate in our society. Females feel insecure to step out at nights these days. Mostly men are taught to insult females in our society. They feel no shame to pass leud comments on girls.
I have seen men staring at me as a sex object since childhood. Most of them still don't accept that females are intelligent. Our bodies are our best enemies. Women can't wear skirts and shorts because it can arouse any man to the extent where he can not only think of raping her but also it's a risk to her life. Men pass comments on women and act as if it's their birth right.
Offices and homes are filled with men who feel sick in the presence of women.
When these men can't compete with women of equal intelligence, they put blames on women's characters. It's a bitter truth. Irony is that when a woman complain against such people, she is asked to show proof. You can show proof of physical assault but how can you show the proof of mental rape.
In the fastest growing society women can't stand for justice because they are constantly being harassed for femininity.
It happened with me few times when I wanted to tell another female about my problem, I was asked to either shut up or go to women council. I was told that nothing will happen in the case of mental harassment. I have to give proof of physical assault. This is another form of rape.
No law has been made till date to save working women from mental harassment.
Why can't a woman support another woman in such condition?
I have seen men fondling the breasts of females who use public transport. It gives them immense pleasure to touch a female without her permission.
Such complaints are not even registered or entertained anywhere. Porn sites and literature are easily available on internet which is responsible for the crime against girls. Boys in puberty search these sites and read erotic stories which portray steamy image of females who are ready to sleep with any man. Savita bhabhi comic series got popular on internet which polluted the minds of many males a few years back.
It should be stopped immediately. Porn sites should be banned. Local administration can take steps to protect women. Schools must keep an eye on regular male staff. Males should be taught in a different way at homes. First of all gender superiority must be stopped. Girls and boys must get equal opportunities in villages and small cities for education. Awareness programs can be organised in schools, colleges and offices. Working women should be protected while travelling by bus or trains at nights. Companies must provide them female drivers and other facilities in case of late hour meetings. If we can't protect women or take responsibility of their safety, women should not be called alone to attend meetings at late hours.
Crime should be stopped for the growth of society. Law must be very strict like Israel or Arab countries where criminals are punished immediately and in public. Males from small towns and villages must change their low mentality for females.
A good society can not be built in a day. Our continuous efforts can bring good results. Rape is the most heinous crime for which a girl is being cursed without her fault. I hope some day situations will be changed and girls will move anywhere without fear.
Rest in peace Nirbhaya.
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