World is not enough

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07 Jun, 17 12:19
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I am neither talking about James Bond's movie nor talking about taking any revenge.
A thought just appeared in my mind today about our purpose of taking births.
Many people believe in reincarnation and most people do not. It's not a question whether to believe it or not. Reincarnation is a truth. Few decades ago Dr. Brian Weiss has proved this in his research. He has written many books on this topic and when he revealed this to the world , many experiences came from the entire world. People of all races and genders had their own stories to tell.
Dr. Brian had gone beyond imagination when he revealed that souls take birth again and again to learn something , not only on this planet but anywhere in this universe.
"When we die and our souls progress to higher dimensions, we take our behaviours , our deeds , our thoughts and our knowledge with us. How we treated others in relationships is infinitely more important than what we have accumulated materially. Also, we may gain and lose many material objects during the course of our life time." Dr. Brian said this in "Messages from Masters."
Our planet Earth is like twelve standard , where all souls are indulged in deep emotions. There are definitely some other dimensions where souls approach after expanding. It may take hundreds or thousands years to evolve.
It means that world is not enough for all of us. We take births in similar conditions n mostly in our families unless we break the chains of suffering.
Science denies this completely but there are people who have described their past life incidents which are being proved right in many cases.
Some souls learn more than others and complete their mission. They leave this planet in search of serenity and purity.
"Humans always think of themselves as the only beings. This is not the case.
There are many worlds and many dimensions...many, many more souls."
"Souls exist in many dimensions, they are attracted to our planet in increasing numbers because our planet, one of many schools, is a very popular school.
There is so much to learn here.
Within one dimension or plane , many sub levels exist. Another way of saying this is that there are many levels in heaven. We progress step-wise along these levels as we become more and more enlightened. Earth, the three dimensional world, is not really our true home. We are spiritual beings and our true home is a spiritual one, a timeless place that many call heaven. " Dr. Brian Weiss.
If this research is true then there is no place of hatred in this world. All souls are same. Colour, caste and genders are man made to make us learn the truth behind reincarnation.
But we forget our true purpose and become non aware of the existence of souls. We see physical bodies and start loving each other. Souls take birth to improve their knowledge but mostly souls die before knowing the truth.
The purpose of writing on this difficult topic is to put light on the true purpose of taking births. World is getting complicated day by day, hatred is increasing everywhere. It's really necessary to explore our innerselve to know the truth. May be this way we can stop others who are spreading violence only. All souls are aliens. Let us join hands to make our planet a beautiful place where many souls can come and go after enlightenment.
World is not enough for us, don't limit our thoughts and try to learn as much as we can. Each and every soul around us, is ready to teach and learn simultaneously. Expand your soul, learning process will be easy. When you will be able to remove the dust and debris, a whole new dimension will appear. On that particular day you will pass out this level and move to the next level without any problem.
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