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21 Mar, 17 13:09
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A wise enemy is much better than a foolish friend.
My mom repeated this several times but I trusted my own will. In this small journey of life whenever I had encountered with foolish people, I remembered my mother's words and truly curse my instinct.
Foolish people don't easily accept their mistakes and drag you into a situation so badly that you hardly find any way to escape.
Priyam works in a firm as a manager. He is a highly short tempered man. My friend Ria works in the same company. Gradually they have become best friends. Priyam loses temper very often and sometimes he passes such foolish comments in office that Ria feels awkward to deal with the situation instantly. Every person is born with some or the other weakness. But as we grow old, it becomes necessary to control our emotions in public places.
Ria also gets hurt easily. She opposes Priyam's views to get better results. As a friend she helps him to overcome his emotions. But Priyam never understands her emotions and expects a lot from Ria.
Their friendship has become talk of the town because Priyam always creates scene publically and Ria fails to solve the problems. Other employees make fun of this relationship behind their back.
Ria tries hard to leave Priyam but every time she forgives his foolishness with big heart. Priyam always convinces her that it is Ria's mistake which made him angry. Priyam is unable to control anger and blames others for his foolish behaviour. Both are suffering and blaming each other for their bad reputations.
People don't control emotions on time and keep on throwing sludge madly on one another which spoil relationships forever. Making or breaking relationships may be a personal choice but it is difficult to deal with foolishness all the time with patience.
Intelligent people ponder upon the facts before taking any decision but foolish people create troubles and impose on others for their personal weaknesses too.
I am nobody to give advise on sensitive topics but I have experiences to set my own criteria. After long discussions with friends and others I have come into conclusion that avoiding fools can save time and energy. Fools have no caste, colour and religion, they can be found anywhere on our planet. Roads are filled with those who don't use common sense while driving and when accident occurs they start shouting and quarrelling. Work places are full with those who are always ready to confront others with seniors.
I feel sorry for these people and apologizing for giving my valuable time to them. It makes my life comfortable when I avoid fools and come back home in the evening with more energy and peace. Try this formula and make yourself trouble free.
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