I quit!!

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14 Mar, 17 11:45
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It's not a passive statement. I know what everyone is thinking but let me finish.
Quitting anything is always difficult , be it a habit or a relationship. Quitting is never easy. But I am ready to quit. I am ready to quit ego , anger and stupidity.
I have seen many relationships which don't last long because of false ego and bad attitude.
Sonali has many friends but every time she suffers due to one or the other reason. Sometimes her friends take advantage of her and sometimes she feels cheated but problem remains the same. Sonali has lost some good relationships because she cannot quit anger and stupidity. Problem never dies . It keeps coming and only a person with a strong mind can overcome any problem in life.
Sonali's main problem is over trusting her friends and when some friend take advantage of her goodness, she becomes annoyed and shows her anger immediately. Some people make friends easily but they don't know how to continue or sometimes they fail to understand the other person's intentions.
Prem loves a girl, Reena. Reena cares a lot about Prem. But Prem looses temper whenever Reena demands attention.
Prem wants 100% from Reena but is not ready to give time, energy and attention to Reena. These type of relationships don't last long.
I think it's time for reality check. I want to quit ego which kills wisdom. I want to quit anger which is responsible for self destruction .
Stupidity makes me irritable. These three poisons don't let me think positive. This is an age where honesty, purity and loyalty are found in books. Those who practise these things , are called big fools.
But I want to remain old fashioned and in this world, I will be compassionate for those who don't speak good about me. I will forgive those who don't feel sorry for their bad behaviour. I will quit everything which stops me from being a good human.
I quit , I quit, I quit, I , me and myself.
I hope I will be able to save many relationships this way. On the occasion of Holi festival, I will destroy my inner devils and at least remain calm and cool.
If you want to quit any bad habit on this occasion, you are most welcome. Enjoy holi with near and dear ones and burn each and every bad habit to make your world peaceful. Always remember that a momentary action can destroy any good relationship in a second.
You may lose any of your favourite person or relationship because of hot temperament or stupidity.
Ultimately It's going to harm you only. It's better to quit these wrong habits to save good relationships.
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