Life & Death are Eternal Bliss

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07 Mar, 17 12:43
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Death is life's biggest mystery yet to be solved. Every individual or living organism faces death, goes to unknown dimension, takes birth again and comes back. This is kind of a circle and each one of us are bound to complete this circle.
What happened if we won't die?
This question keeps haunting in my mind. I think all of us want to know the answer. I am not a saint or philosopher who can give the right answer but what I have learnt from life is that Death is necessary. As we grow older, we become mentally weak and after a certain period we loose creativity. The fundamental purpose of death is birth which allows us to start fresh in this eternal life circle.
In term's of life's eternity, death is the first step of a soul's journey to a new existence.
So why do we loose some people untimely?
Everything is related to Karma, created by us in our past lives. Death is certain. Life could be short or long, pre decided by our own deeds, thoughts and work.
Every single thought or action plays an important part to decide our future.
We have taken innumerable births and in which we have collected good or bad karmas. Our death and life depends on the karma created by us in our past lives.
Our life has continued, will continue to exist eternally with the universe, it has neither beginning nor end.
We live in physical bodies and feel our transient forms only. Immortality is mere delusion.
As life undergoes the eternal repetitions of birth and death, it expands freely and dynamically, always charged with limitless potential for self-improvement.
Many people blame God for taking or giving life. This is not true. God is supreme power who has created the universe. Our own karma is responsible for our present lives. We are the writers of our destiny. In Geeta , Lord Krishna gave this message clearly to us but we seek His presence outside and prays for good and healthy lives. We easily blame God for our failure but never give credit for our success.
It is in our hands to lead our life whether good or bad.
In Mahabharata , Arjuna fought his own battle under the guidance of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna had powers but He did not kill anyone because it was Arjuna's duty to choose life or death for him and others. God only shows us the way. We have to choose the path , evil or good.
If you want to learn about life, first try to learn about death.
We are subject to change physically and mentally. Our physical bodies are composed by million of cells that are constantly dying and replacing. Our emotions change with time. We change our bodies with the course of time but Karma remains the same.
I have seen some people who are brilliant, others are not, some people are facing illness, some people are poor , some are rich, some people suffer from greed, jealousy or anger, some are spiritual and know the reason of taking births. These differences are created by us and must have some fundamental causes.
Death is scary, felt by many people. Fear of death can make you depressed or angry. People cling to their bodies and materialistic wealth until the last breath with a false hope that they might not die. This fake thought makes them ill mentally and they keep on doing efforts to escape from death. They do stupid things to collect wealth and power.
We choose life to create good causes. Our planet or other dimensions need good souls who can work for the well being of humanity. We must know that Universe is not created for us only. Universe is equal for everyone , from a bacteria to a human life.
It's good to be religious but for mental growth and peace, we must start accepting the truth.
Life and death are inseparable and we must respect both.
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