House Husband : A New Trend In Indian Society

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02 Mar, 17 12:18
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Hritu Sodhi

Don't be amazed by reading the above line. It's really true. From past many decades we are used to see house wives working at homes and men earning money by working outside.
But in past few years a new trend has started in metro cities where you can see males as house husbands and females are working in big companies or running their businesses.
Rahul is an Engineer who left his job to achieve his dream. His wife Renna works in a MNC. After marriage Rahul wanted to become a musician. Renna encouraged and supported him financially. Now Rahul is busy in his music studio and Renna works from morning to evening outside. Rahul cooks food for his wife without any ego. Their married life is superb and Renna gives all credit to Rahul. On the other hand Rahul knows that It's only Renna who is an earning member and because of this he is able to fulfil his dreams.
It sounds filmy but it's a true story.
Last year a movie Ki &Ka released in which Arjun Kapoor played the role of a house husband and Kareena Kapoor played the role of a modern girl who did not quit her job after marriage.
This movie tried to change the mindset of Indians. Though the movie was not a big hit but it grabbed the attention of viewers from metro cities.
Small towns won't accept this trend easily. We are born and brought up in a particular way where we can't bear any female as head of the family.
In many towns and villages , females are not allowed to go alone even to buy grocery items. Females work day and night at homes but their work is mostly related to cleaning and washing or preparing food for the family. Males are considered to be more powerful and this gender discrimination is responsible for girl child deaths in our country.
Male and females are born in similar ways but there is a big difference in their solicitude.
Modern India is adopting western culture in many ways. I have seen many people opposing this culture. But every thing has its pros and cons. In Europe and America couples work hard to earn money. They can't afford maids and house keepers. Mostly they share responsibilities with their partners. It's really good if Indian males can learn these habits rather than focusing on free sex or other problems of the western world.
Now every person wants an earning female as life partner. It's really impossible for a female to fulfil all duties and reach office on time. Males must change their attitude of not indulging much in household matters.
I think males are much better cooks and if you can run your own businesses and do jobs in banks etc, you can better manage your home's finances.
Parul and Manish are married from past 7 years and still not having any child. They work in big companies in Delhi . Mostly Parul cooks food and Manish helps in cleaning and washing. They spend weekends in watching movies and other entertainment. If you meet them you will feel warmth and peace in their company.
Life is one and it's not at all good to spoil this life on small issues. I think anyone can do anything to build a good home. It is pointless to devide work between partners according to their gender.
Whom do you call an educated person?
One who has earned degrees or the one who has controlled ego and has the power to accept change in his environment.
It's up to you how you lead your life. It's my duty to make our readers aware of the changing modern values. Males and females are ready to change their titles.
Small towns may take some time to adopt this culture.
I know you will feel bad if your son stays at home and your daughter in law goes outside to earn money. But try to find out the actual problem in this situation.
Are you afraid of your neighbour or your own thought pattern is not allowing you to accept this modern trend?
Whatever may the reason be, house husbands are going to rule the homes in next few years. Get ready for the change and try to give more weightage to your daughters who will surely soar high in near future.
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