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27 Jan, 17 13:29
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There is a beast inside every person. It's a fact. We are living in a world which is full of selfishness , greed and anger. People with fake attitude and false ego can be found everywhere. You can't be cool and calm with everyone and in every situation. Sometimes a good person also breaks the ice and reacts in a way which is unexpected.
Rohit was a very quiet and shy person. His friends provoked him to participate in a bike race and later he was asked to perform a stunt. His best friend Ria was there to support him. Suddenly some boys started commenting on Ria and her dressing sense. Rohit tried to avoid in the beginning but when a boy started touching Ria with wrong intentions, Rohit took a rod and thrashed the boy. Within a minute that boy lost the battle and due to skull fracture he died in a trauma centre.
It was not Rohit's fault. Ria was his girl friend and it was his duty to save her.
His animal came out at that particular moment and changed his life completely.
No matter how good we are but sometimes we behave differently in a particular situation. That momentary reaction makes us realise about the actual reflection of our inner nature.
It's really not good to show your animal nature to your loved ones. We all are born with negative and positive traits. It depends on us to choose the path and move in the right direction.
God has given us equal powers and we can easily judge the situation without losing our temper. Humanity can beat animality and overules it all the time. Tough situation may provoke us to become a monster but it's preferably good to be human in that moment.
Rohit must have called the police or he should have taken the help of his friends instead of taking a human life.
I know it's difficult to maintain peace but at the end you will be guilt free and taking a wise decision at the perfect moment can save your precious time.
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