By the Way : Pink Is Not My Favourite Colour

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17 Jan, 17 09:46
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Hritu Sodhi

There is nothing wrong in admiring any colour. Colours can give life to anything but when colours are being associated with feminity or manhood then it sounds crazy to me. I have heard since childhood that pink is the colour of girls and blue represents boys.
I don't agree with this and definitely pink is not my favourite colour.
I am a woman but I really love black colour. Black is a color that has many different connotations. It can be seen as threatening or as mournful, but, like all colors it has positive and negative aspects. It is said that black is a color to be used with caution, as it's positive aspects often are closely linked to it's negative aspects. Black suggests power, elegance and style, but also intimidation, aloofness and limited emotion. It is a color often linked with the idea of evil. Black is related to mystery and concealment. It is also a serious color traditionally used to show one's grief.
But in my opinion it's just a colour. A woman can also like this colour. Colours do not represent the actual thoughts of any person. It's really not good to associate any particular colour to a person's psychology. A soft hearted woman can like black, red or any vibrant colour of her choice.
Murders or killers may like soft colours which does not mean that they are not psychologically ill. Survey says that generally psychopaths and serial killers look too gentle and sober in their first appearance.
Their looks may be deceptive and most serial killers are not socially misfit or reclusive. You can't judge them from clothes or by colour choices.
Likewise a person with a good heart may like mournful colours. Boldness generates from inside and not by colours you wear. I know many models and actors who have big tattoos on their bodies, still they have pure and soft hearts like babies.
So next time when you see a person with a different look or a girl who does not like pink colour, please don't judge them by their colour choices.
Style has nothing to do with colours and colours don't make us sensible or irresponsible.
Personally I am big fan of bold colours and I think black and red make me look good. Trust me , I am really honest, friendly, fun loving and soft by heart. By the way Pink is not my choice and it's not wrong in any way.
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