Life should not be lived by Rules

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09 Jan, 17 12:36
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Some people won't agree with this or some may call me crazy. It hardly matters to me because I have always given value to my thoughts. It's really not important to get appreciation or approval from other's all the time.
In my opinion life should not be lived by rules. Rules are made by us for our betterment. But it should not be applied onto those who are little bit different. Some people love to live life not by other people's choice, they live by their own choice.
People expect you to complete your studies by 25. In their opinion you should always become doctor or engineer. You must get good job before 30's in life to secure your future. You must get married and have at least two children in which the elder one must be a male and if you are expecting your second child then it's good if you are blessed with a daughter. People treat you according to your post and not by your intelligence.
I think I can't live like this. I am a human being whose only purpose is to be happy in life. It's not necessary to follow certain rules to get happiness in life. Actually 99% people live for other people. They don't listen to their hearts and all the time they give one or the other reason to prove their point.
It's good to give importance to your loved ones but if you are born as an individual, you must have right to live for yourself. If it isn't so why God allows only few lives to take birth at one time.It does not mean that I am against society. I am simply trying to say that it's your life. You have full right to eliminate each and every thought which makes you feel ashamed of thinking in a different way.
Every person can't be a doctor , engineer or IAS, some can become Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar or Mahendra Singh Dhoni too. I have seen many people who always curse their destiny to not to get what they had desired.
Who do you think is responsible for their destiny then?
It's the wrong choices they had made in the course of time. Can anyone please tell me about the rule book in which all these rules can be found?
It's really sad to be born poor but it is certainly bad to die as poor.
All of us have 24 hours to live in a day, it would be good if you can give importance to your desires at least for one hour in a day. You may have some qualities which others don't have. Try to explore your inner soul and find out the best in you. Music, art, acting, singing or may be dancing can give you peace. Don't try to run away from yourself.
At least live one day according to your own self and see the change in your life.
There are definitely no rules to life. Complete your journey of life with happiness , not as a race.
No one gives you special points or gold medals to live according to set rules. People always remember and appreciate who are different but it's really funny that they don't have guts to break certain rules to find happiness. We can't marry to our desired partners because caste or circumstances don't allow us. Come on guys, this is just an excuse. Look inside and see who is suffering now.
Society or rules don't give you bread and butter. Do hundred of good deeds, no one will remember this forever, do just one mistake and you will be dismissed or thrown out.
Start to live, set your own rules. Be a leader and not that crowd who blindly follow one another.
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