Resolution 2K17

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02 Jan, 17 13:46
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Yet another year, yet another surprise and off course a new beginning! It's a perfect day to start a new year coz this is a Sunday. We might have faced difficulties last year but sorrow and grief can not stop us from moving ahead. From demonetization to digital and cashless India, we took a step ahead in every field.
Girls like P.V. Sindhu, Sakshi and Deepa set an example for those who have a habit to demoralize girls in the field of sports. Movies like Sultan and Dangal changed the perspective of common Indian.
When new year comes most of the persons take resolutions to change something or the other in their lives. But how many of us really keep our promises actually after one month?
I personally don't believe in rituals and never took any resolution in any new year. But I always try to be better with each passing year. Human revolution is the toughest. We want others to be good with us and always blame them for wrong. I have learnt that every weakness lies within us and our environment reflects in whatever we feel or do with others.
Anger, frustration, irritation or any other weaknesses are in our minds, we can't blame others for taking a wrong step in any particular situation. May be most of us don't agree with me but we can't deny the truth.
I have decided to forgive negative people around me in this new year. Negativity is a slow poison and it kills us gradually.
We can't run away with problems or situations. It would be good if we can stop complaining or begrudging in daily lives. It's better to bring small changes in our behaviour rather than expecting from people who always spread negativity in your life. Staying away from a problem is not possible and it's a fact that you can't change others. It's always good to start from scratch if we want to see positive change in our lives.
I request all the readers to please use this technique of forgetting your past and let go the drama and negativity from your own life. Life would be easy if you are able to do this. This is one of the easiest resolution we can make but the toughest in terms of implementation.
Change does not come in a day. We have to practice really hard to achieve this target. If any person disturbs you or give you troubles, dont feel bad, think that you are better than that particular person in every way. That's why he has chosen you to fight with, mentally or physically. It's not possible to deal with negative people but it is possible to avoid negativity by keeping your cool and patience. Don't give remote in other person's hand to control your life. Do good and focus on your life to move forward. Aggressiveness and rage can spoil and damage your inner peace.
Live life with a dream and persue to fulfil it. Resolution 2K17 would be avoiding negativity in every area and perseverance to maintain this. With this message I wind up here. Happy new year to all our readers. Be happy and calm in every situation so that your family and friends can enjoy peace.
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