Over Gossipping makes you ill

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14 Dec, 16 11:36
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It's a world full of different people. We live in society where people from different backgrounds live with us.
Some people pass comments on others which make them happy but they don't understand that talking about others may harm their mental health completely.
Mina has a large group of friends. She frequently throws parties for her friends. It's not that she is very social. She collects information about every person and gossips about their personal lives. It gives her immense pleasure to talk about her friends. She thinks that sizzling topics related to others raise her value among friends.
Shaurya works in a company where many females work with him. Shaurya try to be friendly with every girl and plays with her emotions in a very different way. Not only this he tells everything to his boss just to get promotions and favors from him.
Talking ill about others may satisfy you mentally but slowly you will become sick. Your own personality can be destroyed.
Reputation of others is equally important. Keeping secrets is an art and many people don't give it a value.
If someone spreads bad air about you and damages your image , you may lose your temper. Just like this other people may also feel offensive when you speak ill about them.
Gossipping is good to some extent but over criticism is a bad habit. Every person is responsible for his or her own life. Its upto them how they take up life or what they want to do. We are nobody to judge or criticise their moves.
If someone is comfortable wearing shorts or skirts or may be sarees , we must not interfere in other person's dressing style.If you lead a simple life style and your neighbors have all the luxuries , don't criticise or comment on them. People have full right to live life in their own ways.
Dance, enjoy rain or cook food of your choice but don't make others crazy by your thoughts.
Healthy relations make your life easy and you will gain good popularity among friends and relatives. chillax and let others breath in fresh air of positiveness.
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