Be Sure To Taste Your Words

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05 Dec, 16 13:41
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Truth can not be sweet, it is always bitter. Its a hard fact. Even I believe in speaking truth but it should not always be bitter. Relationships are special bonds in which we must maintain sweetness.
Maira is a modern girl. She is newly married. She speaks on face and sometimes her in laws feel shocked to hear her comments on family issues.
I am not saying to hide your feelings and lie to others. But it's always good to think before uttering a single word in difficult situations.
Rage is the worst enemy of human kind. Rage arises from false ego and frustration. We can easily avoid unwanted circumstances. Rage or anger leads us to the world of suffering.
My friend Parul and her husband Pranav fight over different issues which can easily be avoided. In the state of anger Pranav had beaten her quite hard and after few hours he feels sorry for his behaviour. He often speaks ill about Parul's parents. Parul takes it as a routine fight but she hardly knows what her children are watching and learning from this violence. She feels hurt from inside but can't leave her husband. Bruises and scars on our body can vanish with time but words give permanent scars on heart and soul.
Some people throw tantrums without any reason or they treat others who are inferior to them as slaves.
Prachi's father is holding a high position in society. She treats her driver and servants badly.
One fine day she met with an accident and her driver Ramesh not only rushed her to the hospital but also donated blood to save her life. This incident changed her behaviour permanently. Rudeness and abusiveness harm us only.
Humbleness and politeness are virtues with which we can impress others. A person filled with arrogance, jealousy and hypocrisy can be self destructive. Friends and relatives try to run away from such person. Relationships can not be made with fake attitude and false ego. Such persons are left alone in the end.
Truth helps us to be honest but we should avoid speaking bitter truth to avoid conflicts.
Learn to speak on right time and choose right words to express your heart.
Act of humanity is difficult and sustaining it, is impossible without sincere efforts. Modernity has given us courage to live on our own but relationships are essential for us.
Money and power should be used in a right way , not to hurt others. So friends we must take a vow to not to hurt others with our truth and create happiness in our surrounding.
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