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28 Nov, 16 13:24
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Hritu Sodhi

Yesterday I got a chance to watch Dear Zindagi with my family. Story of Kaira (Alia Bhatt) helped me to take life in a diffrent and easy way. Kaira was living with fear and her relationships were suffering due to this.
She was not ready for commitment in her relationships.
Life itself is not complicated, we make it complicated.
We judge people, we hear and understand which others have never said. I have seen many people who break relationships without talking to the other person.
Two persons can never be the same. Our thought and pattern may differ but it's always good to express feelings on right time. Sometimes kids don't talk to their parents and this communication gap increases with time.
Kaira had the same problem with her parents. Kaira's mother left her with grandparents due to financial problem. Kaira was only 6 years old and she could not take it positively. Her brother was taken care of by her parents but she felt neglected. Dr. Jahangir Khan (role played by Shahrukh khan) helped Kaira to find solution to her problems with a different angle. She breaks her silence and chooses to talk to her parents. Fear to lose your loved ones or feeling of being rejected by your lover is a common problem. We can't stop loving others due to our fears.
Like any young girl Kaira is critisized for her thoughts and living style. She lives independently in Mumbai. She had different guys in her life but she could not choose any of them as her life partner. Our young generation who lives in metro cities face this problem in daily lives. Some choose to drink, some others love to live separately from parents.
Ego and false issues play important roles to break your relationships. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs may seem easy but this cannot solve your problem permanently. Parents should start understanding their kids better than anybody. After all you have given birth to your child. Your neighbor or kid's friend can't understand the pain of your child better than you.
Talking to your kids about their personal lives can guide them in many ways. Pain of break ups and other issues can be handled with a simple hug. It's pointless to make your children robots who are programmed to finish a mission.
Life is a mission but it's definitely not about gaining wealth. If your child has normal hormones, he or she may like opposite sex.
If you stop them from talking to their friends of opposite sex, you may harm their natural growth.
Be a parent with whom your child feels free to talk about his or her break up. At least you can guide them to control their emotions.
Dear zindagi teaches us to take everything with open heart. Dependency on any relationship can destroy your mental peace. Love your life, Live it peacefully.
Acceptance and forgiving makes your life much more easy. After all someone has to maintain peace, why can't we become a person like that?
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