Be The Best Friend Of Your Young Kid

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21 Nov, 16 13:04
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Hritu Sodhi

Pranjal came late from college and went into her room. She locked herself and when her mother peeped from the window, she got horrified. Pranjal was hanging from the ceiling fan.
Raghav avoids every possible conversation with his parents. Both of his parents are working on high posts. They don't have time for Raghav. Raghav has started taking drugs and alcohol. Raghav's father wants to make him a doctor. His mother wants him to clear IAS. Raghav is a good singer. But his parents don't want him to go to Mumbai. Raghav feels depressed and dejected.
It's common these days. Stories of suicide, drugs and crime are making our life hell. Parents are targeted for being rude and rigid. Kids are spoiling their lives by taking wrong directions. Kids blame their parents to be insensitive. Both are blaming one another.
Why can't we lead good and healthy lives? Where are we lacking?
I always try to write on different issues. I don't know how many of our readers agree or disagree with my thoughts. I am not a psychologist or a doctor. My thoughts are based on experiences taken from different people. I have few suggestions for both parents and kids.
Children who are loved thrive better than those who are not.
It's always good to nurture your child in tender age but when your child grows he or she may feel uncomfortable in your presence or want to spend more time with friends. Be your kids best friend with whom he or she can share even the weirdest thought. Try to talk on different topics from movies to sex. Sex is a difficult issue to be talked about yet it is important for every parent to educate kids about it. Clear your kid's doubts and don't hesitate to give information about his or her bodyparts.
Give your kid the knowledge of outside world. After all your kid has to face this all alone.
As the child enters adolescence, biological, cognitive, and emotional changes transform the parent-child relationship. The child's urges for independence may challenge parents' authority. Many parents find early adolescence a difficult period.
Authoritative parenting that combines warmth and firmness has the most positive impact on the youngster's development.
Don't become dictator or behave like a police officer with your kids. Checking their mobile phones or keeping an eye on every move make them irritable. Avoid unnecessary arguments. On the other side kids must share every problem with their parents. After all they have seen the world and are more experienced.
Committing suicide may solve your present problem but it can give lifelong pain to your parents. I think God give us every problem with an inbuilt solution. We are born with same capabilities and courage. It's upto our own will power to solve the issues of life positively or negatively.
Hiten is father of a young daughter. He has changed his old fashioned thoughts. His daughter wanted to marry a boy of bad character. Instead of talking rudely, Hiten took her daughter to the pub where she found her boy friend not only consuming liquor but also flirting with another girl. She saw with her own eyes and broke relations with that guy. Hiten saved his daughter's life with wisdom. Shouting on kids or locking them up in homes are out dated tactics. Sort out your kid's problem with wisdom and love.
Healthy discussions and friendly behaviour give confidence to your child to solve any problem. Children are sensitive by nature, parents should handle their insecurities with care and proper guidance.
Parents are often seem to complaint that their kids talk to opposite sex and this may distract them from studies. I have different opinion. Time has changed. Our children are studying in co-education schools. Attraction or infatuation is common and normal. If you talk to your kids about their crush or love, you can easily guide them to take it normal. Break ups and failures won't let them take stupid steps. They can easily overcome any of such problem.
Allow kids to bring their friends to your home. It hardly matters to whom with your child wants to study. Girls or boys hide things if you pressurise them to leave a particular friend. Give them time and space to judge their friends.
It's not tough to change your thought pattern in a day but if you want your kid to be stress free and healthy , be your kid's best friend. One step towards your kid's heart can bring many changes in life. The most important thing in life is life itself. The sooner you adopt new ways, the better chances will be to make your kid a healthy and good human- being.
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