Bal Diwas : Make kids the Centre of Your Life

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14 Nov, 16 12:58
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Hritu Sodhi

Vipul and Priya have two kids, Shreyas and Shreya. Both Vipul and Priya are working. Their kids usually stay alone after school. Maid is there to help these kids. Shreyas is 8 and Shreya is 5 years old. Priya mostly comes late in the evening. She is earning good and it's pointless to discuss over this issue that only women should sacrifice jobs to look after their children.
One fine day Priya returned from office little early and what she saw was really horrifying. Her sweet home's front door was open. Her maid's boy friend was lying on the bed with maid. Shreyas was not inside. Shreya was crying and there were marks on her cheeks.
I won't disclose the climax of the story here. I will leave this upto you to understand the whole situation.
This is an era of science & technology. Emotions are being replaced by money and gadgets. Parents are paying high school fees of their children. Every other family travels by air. Children force their parents to take them abroad to spend quality time.
Luxuries have taken place of relationships. Kids don't like interference of their relatives not even their close ones. Everyone is in the race of earning money. We find it most difficult to give time to our loved ones.
I want to clear one thing before you jump into any conclusions. I am not against working women. I am a single mother of two young boys. I could not do touring jobs and business due to circumstances. I have my own story to tell but it's clear that what I had chosen was best and in favor of my kids. It's not easy till now to manage a home without mother. I think that if some one has enough money to support family then at least one parent should choose to stay with kids.
Females often sacrifice their jobs after giving birth to their children. Actually nature has given us special features to do multiple jobs in one time. Mothers can stay at homes and do creative work till their babies grow up. Males can equally take part in making their kids lives easier. Safety and security of children are your biggest responsibilities. You have chosen to give them birth.
It's not important to give them money but it's really important to give them time, values and proper care at tender age.
Have you ever thought of the crime rate which is getting high day by day?
This is not merely Vipul and Priya 's story.
Every other couple is facing the same situation in metro cities. Nuclear families are growing and in spite of all safety precautions being taken, we hear stories of crime with children quite often.
Creches are lifelines of young couples where they drop their children in the morning and pick in the evening. They spend huge amounts to these creches with no gurantee of safety.
Suman's 2 year's daughter was raped by a teacher in a creche.
What was her fault? There is no one who can look after of your children like you. My neighbour is very rich. Her children have almost have every latest toy and gadgets. But I found her son Vaibhav lonely from inside.
He told me that he spends hours on his laptop but he really misses his mother's lap and stories. His loneliness has made him rigid, sometimes he avoids to sit with his family on Sundays too.My friend's daughter is 20 and my friend often goes to village to take care of her ancestral property. Her only daughter loves to spend time with friends of her age. It's a crucial time for her and she needs her mother's love and guidances in every part of her life. My point of view may differ from many young couples but we must do something to solve this problem. After all kids are the future of our Nation.
It's really important to give them secure future and safe society. Give your valuable time to your children and make them centre of your life instead of money. Extra income can be generated by your skills at any stage but life of a kid will be destroyed completely without proper care. Time and tide never comes back. Luxurious homes can make your neighbours envy but home is not built with stones and furniture only. Living beings make it lively with their presence.
Most importantly we can live without luxuries in a simple home but we can't live without relationships.This is our Indian culture and let our kids should proudly show it to the whole world. If we give them time on right time, they will give us time in our old age. If we give them money, they won't be able to understand the value of love and the result will end in any old age home. After all we have to face old age where money can not give us happiness. The cycle of love and affection must goes on to create wonderful society.
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