Tea production to get boost this year, prices for good quality tea expected to remain steady

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03 Oct, 18 11:05
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Udaipur: With good rains and favorable weather in tea producing states, tea production is expected to rise this year. The prices of lower quality tea will fall and prices for good quality tea will remain steady. “It is important to provide good quality Teas to enhance consumption of Tea in India. Joint efforts by Government, Producers and Traders are necessary to achieve higher consumption of tea through mass media and on ground activities in regional languages”saidMr. Paras Desai, President WITDA, Western India Tea Dealers Association at an industry meet.
A ‘Tea seminar’ was organized by the Western India Tea Dealers Association(WITDA) on as a part of the association’s 29th Annual General Meeting. The colossal seminar brought together members of WITDA and leading tea producers under one roof to understand the challenges and opportunities in tea industry. “It is likely that small growers’ contribution will increase in the times to come. The cause of concern here is that low quality tea will start to dominate in the market” added Mr Desai. Speaking on ‘Importance of quality of tea in Today’s Scenario’ in his keynote address, Mr. HemantBangur, Chairman Joonktollee, havingseveral tea estates in Northeast India and South India said, “Tea is a part of our lives. It has weaved our society together. But the current scenario is such that the quality of tea has become a concern. In the struggle to provide tea at a lesser pricing, processes are accelerated and the quality is compromised. It’s a vicious circle. In my opinion, we need to give tea an aspirational touch to improve the image of tea and hence, we need to emphasize on good quality tea.” India’s tea production has been posting new records year after year.The production for the year 2017was 1322mn kg (Approximate) whereas for the year 2016 it was 1267mn kg. The contribution of organized sector in tea production is 53% and that of small growers is 47%.According to the Tea Board, tea export was around 252mn kg in 2017 while it was 222mn kg in previous year.Dr. Parimal Merchant addressed the congregation, speaking on a distinctive yet crucial topic - ‘How to attract next generation into traditional family owned business, how to induct them and manage transition of handing over the business to them’. He shared, “A businessman never retires but the process of passing on a family business to the next generation starts when the children are still young. A businessman needs to ensure that he does not bring his frustrations back home because this can define the way a child perceives the business. Another important factor is to spend as much time as possible with children and share the progress as well as concerns of the business. Qualities of Hardwork and Perseverance need to be imbibedinthe next generation right from their childhood.”
Mr. Rajiv Puri, chairman of PARCON, one of the leading auctioners,shared the journey of Parcon, its current standing, and views on market based on statistics for categories of teas. Speaking about the western India market he said, “Pressure on the organized sector has increased manifold. However, we are lucky to have markets like western India, including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and some Northern regions where people have an eye for good quality tea and do not mind shelling out some more money in return.”
Also present at the event were, Mr. VivekGoenka, Vice Chairman of Indian Tea Association and Mr. Mudit Kumar, President of Tea Association of India.

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