Sohail Khan lauds Aaditya Thackeray's move to promote youth games

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27 Oct, 17 13:00
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Nandini Viswanathan

"Games keep you away from vices. And Aaditya Thackeray with his move to promote games among youth is doing just that. We are with him at every step and as a youth icon, he inspires by example," said an emotional Sohail Khan at the launch the Tony Premiere League(TPL), an initiative by Daanish Hingora and Naren Moriani.
"TPL is an initiative where we, childhood friends from Bandra, come together on the field to relive the good old days. I am not an underarm cricketer but I am here with my friends" said Sohail Khan, the owner of Mumbai Heroes, when he unveiled the TPL Trophy in the presence of Daanish Hingora, Narein Moriani, Rahul Kanal and the team owners of TPL at the players' auction.
Added Daanish Hingora and Naren Moriani, Founders and Team Owners of TPL, "Today in this era of mobile and computer games, cricket comes like a breath of fresh air".
Avered Rahul Kanal, Team Owner, I Love Mumbai, and a pillar of strength to TPL, "Cricket becomes a platform for us to unite people and have fun on the field as well".
Lauding Aaditya Thackeray's move to have the exhibition match between Yuva Mumbai and Mumbai Heroes on November 3 followed by the TPL matches, Sohail Khan also seconded Daanish Hingora and Naren Moriani's opinion. "I completely agree with Daanish and Naren on their thought of the need for cricket to precede over computer games.
am a father of two children and I encourage my children to go out and play. ". Interestingly, Tony Premiere League (TPL), as the premiere underarm league of Mumbai that has set an example for many to follow as well. A brief look at the teams.
Founders and owners Naren Moriani and Daanish Hingora bring to you the teams, Tony Gorilla (Naren Moriani), Rayyan Rangers (Daanish Hingora), I Love Mumbai (Rahul Kanal), Ricky Tigers (Bobby Marwaha), Sach Indians (Rohan Sachdeo), Team circus (Chanakya Dhanda), Rama Tigers (Deepak Moorjani), Dabang Boys (Vinay), Playboy (Parag Sanghvi), Samat Lion's (Suraj Samat), Utsaav Jewel (Ravi Pankaj Jagawat and Ravi Hinduja), Agicha Stallions (Gaurav Agicha and Sanjay Makhija), All Stars (Zeeshan Siddiqui), Mumbai Dreamz (Wasib Peshimam), M II warriors (Gurmeet Sonna and Kranti Shanbaug), also the co-sponsors of the league.
The matches will also be live on tonypremiereleague youtube channel.
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