BJP Wins Gujarat, Again

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19 Dec, 17 12:40
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BJP Wins Gujarat, Again In the end, all that matters is a win. The BJP had thrown in everything but the kitchen sink to win Gujarat for the sixth consecutive time. Even if it meant the PM put national governance on a slow flame and made the election all about himself. The Gujarat ka chora won in the end. But having come up trumps in his most bruising and testing electoral battle since 2014, the PM will have to concede that this was not how he wanted it to be, especially after availing of all the concessions he is legitimately entitled to, plus some that were debatable. On the surface, there appears to be a monochromatic harmony to the BJP's Gujarat win: the numbers are a little less, but that can be the lot of any political outfit after an uninterrupted two decades in power.
But the Gujarat election this time was different because of the emergence of a new social imagery; a new set of challengers. The absence of revelry in the BJP suggests that it has quickly internalized this significance: the rise of the insurgent in the opposition ranks. Jignesh Mewani and Alpesh Thakur have made it to the Assembly and Hardik Patel, too, has been baptized by the fire, ferocity and deviousness of an Indian election. The Gujarat assembly won't be the same again. Despite all the energy and freshness that the youth can summon, this is also a moment of self-realization for the troika. There was a missing element in their show of resistance.
Yet, the BJP's massive micromanagement that unraveled the entire GST regime to mollify the Gujarati or unfairly branded a former PM anti-national, turned a close contest into an uncomplicated victory. But this is not the comprehensive win expected by Modi and Amit Shah. The partial deconstruction of the halo of invincibility around Modi will have implications for elections elsewhere. The BJP's coterie may even think of a mid-term poll - after all, the GST cannot be tweaked for every state election and the seaplane stunt won't impress a second time. The spirited fight in Gujarat has brought life back to India's political marketplace.
The outcome of election is BJP for first times did not reach in three figure i.e. 99 while congress though lost battle but able to raise its tally to 80
Strongly supported by urban voters, the Bharatiya Janata Party managed to retain power in Gujarat - its sixth consecutive victory - but with a reduced strength of 99 in the 182-member House, the lowest in the last 22 years.
In a closely fought contest, the Congress established early leads. But as counting progressed, the BJP surged ahead, winning 99 seats, far short of its target of 150-plus seats.
The Congress and allies bagged 80 seats. Independent Jignesh Mevani and two candidates of Bharatiya Tribal Party's Chhotu Vasava, both supported by the Congress, won. Alpesh Thakor, OBC Manch convener, who contested as a Congress candidate, also won. One seat was bagged by NCP's Kandhal Jadeja..
The BJP and the Congress were locked in a nail-biting contest for at least 16 seats in Gujarat, where the victory margin was less than 2,000 votes and of just about 200 votes in a few.
In seats like Dholka and Fatepura, smaller parties like the NCP and the BSP ate into the crucial votes that some described as snatching of near-certain victories from the Congress. The Independents also scored big in some constituencies.
The Assembly seats to have seen a photo-finish included Himatnagar, Porbandar, Vijapur, Deodar, Dangs, Mansa and Godhra. At many places, Independents, primarily rebels, cut votes of either of the two main parties.
In tribal-dominated Dangs, the Congress managed a slender margin of 768 over the nearest rival BJP, while in Kaprada, another ST seat, the Congress sneaked victory by a mere 170 votes.
However, there were at least eight seats, where Congress candidates trailed their nearest rivals by less than 2,000 votes, including in Godhra where BJP's CK Raulji won by just 258 votes. The NOTA votes counted 3,050 in Godhra and one Independent candidate got over 18,000 votes to finish third.
In the Dholka constituency, the Congress lost by a margin of 327 votes. Significantly, in this seat, the BSP and the NCP bagged 3,139 and 1,198 votes, respectively.
In Fatepura, where the BJP won by 2,711 votes over the Congress, the NCP candidate got 2,747 votes.
The Congress lost the Botad seat by a margin of 906 votes where the BSP bagged 966 votes. Three Independents collectively got around 7,500 votes here.
The BJP had its share of narrow misses as well. Apart from the Kaprada constituency, the party lost the Mansa seat by a vote of 524 votes and the Deodar seat by 972 votes.
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