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27 Oct, 17 12:51
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A popular joke from Punjab goes like this, 'On the day of Karwa Chauth a husband notices his wife glittering in a beautiful attire and ornaments and comments, "Oye soniye, aaj to liskhare maar rhi hai... kee gal hai?" (My sweet heart, today you look gorgeous, what is the matter?) She replies bluntly, "Tuhada hi syapa paa rahi hun." (I am engaged in your mourning).' Many such jokes have been created around this festival. Even poets like Suresh Shamra have written anecdotes and poetry on it.
In fact, many people take such traditions lightly, but frankly, not everyone understands the significance of this festival. They go about the rituals considering it as a formality or on the other hand, religiously follow the complete fast at the cost of their health. Basically, we should enhance understanding in the family with dialogue. Husband-wife relationships should be nurtured with utter care to ensure understanding and pure love towards each other and other family members. The festival should be observed in the right spirit. It is not the wife alone who should sacrifice for her husband and family. It is everyone's equal responsibility to take care of each other. It should be flexible and manageable so that it always has a sense of belongingness.
That is the true essence of Karwa Chauth, the Indian festival celebrating pure love. The day when married ladies are dressed in their festive best, with their dearest jewellery on, making their happy faces glow even brighter. They observe a fast throughout the day and only after the Moon (Kartik Chaturthi) appears in the night sky they make pious offerings to the Moon, like water, while looking at it through a sieve. They seek blessings for a long and healthy life of their husband and also their families. Then they take blessings from elders and pray for happiness in their families. It is a joyous day for everybody as each one feels related to others with a strong emotional bond.
- Vilas Janve
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