Dialogue, on Thyroid &Hormonal Diseases

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05 Feb, 19 07:18
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Dialogue, on  Thyroid &Hormonal  Diseases Udaipur. Fortis JK Hospital organized a health discussion at AVVNL Rest House with the Retired Employees Welfare Association (REVA) Udaipur on 4 February Problems of Diabetes, Thyroid and Hormone Disease were discussed in the rest house. Endocrinologist Fortis JK Hospital Dr. Jai Chordia told in the talks that if at the right time, diabetes, thyroid, and hormone identify than now with the change in lifestyle and treatment it can be checked or cure as the case may be
Dr. Chordia said that understanding the correct type of diabetes can lead a normal life from treatment on time. Apart from this, regular diagnosis of blood glucose as well as proper care is also an important tool to deal with the problem of diabetes. Explaining the need for a change in lifestyle, he said that if you want to keep your health safe, you can keep your health in your lifetime. If anyone has diabetes, thyroid or hormone disease in the family, then all members accept with the spirit of cooperation. Promote the role of the family in the management, care, prevention, and education of diabetes. Dr. Chordia said that compared to thyroid men in the Indian sub-continent, more is found in women. Regular check-up and proper medicines and good lifestyle will ensure safe and normal living.
If there is diabetes then do not follow any kind of rumors to make the right investigation and treatment part. Consult a regular specialist doctor. Diabetes-related information means living a healthy and normal life with diabetes. You can also be aware of diabetes and keep your health in your hands throughout your life.
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